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The Most Unorganized Student…EVER!

Posted on August 22, 2019

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Its crazy to think of how time works isn’t it reader? Sorry I got a little lost in my thoughts, but happy Thursday anyway and welcome to the Wooden Bookcases Blog. As August is coming to a close with a swift kick, children all across the UK are moaning as they prepare their new woollen jumpers, complete their summer maths homework with cries and a frown, all whilst we are celebrating.

I don’t have kids, but even I’ve had a hard six weeks. We love their scampers and smiles, when their hair sticks to their forehead when they’ve laughed so hard that sweat has drippled down their innocent cheeks. These cut gimmicks are what we love about children – but that doesn’t mean we don’t like peace and quiet.

Today I’m going to be telling you all about MY school days, and although it wasn’t too long ago it still seems like a century.

I always took for granted the 3pm finish, the 1 hour lunch and most importantly the friends I would doodle and chat with, didn’t you? Now, reader I’d like to say I was the teacher’s pet, with organised folders and neat handwriting perfectly lined up against the margin of my book…I wasn’t.

My Reclaimed Indian Small Bookcase was bursting with folders, papers, books and of course the odd “participation trophy”.

It was a wonder that I ever found anything in that shipwreck. One wrong move and an avalanche of ripped and rugged stationary would collapse with a sigh on the floor – trust me I would know.

And then, as if like magic, walking into my sisters’ room was a whole different dimension, symmetrically lined up and organised. She was tidy that her books sat patiently on her desk, her Cube Natural Centered square bookcase and even her hamster’s cage. There were pencils, rulers and even erasers lying in a synchronised formation, as if about to dance and jig over a school page.

I remember she even asked the teachers at school for brown books to go with her Dark Bookcases she had downstairs.

I wish I could say I was that student, the one who took her education seriously – but I most definitely wasn’t!