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Power Outage

Posted on December 14, 2018

Power Outage

Good Morning Readers of the Wooden Bookcases blog. How are you all? Hopefully better than all the staff at the Bookcases office. When I arrived at the workplace this morning it was like a movie scene. Firstly, I got to the gate which was half opened and I found this really strange but anyway I walked in. Then I got to the door, and heard a loud beeping noise by the box next to it. As well as this there were no lights so it would have been in pitch black darkness if not for the phone torches and some windows. But when I stepped in I looked at the box, which was flashing, and I saw that the word fault was flashing. So I knew that this must have been a power problem. So I asked my colleagues what has happened and they told me that it has been a power outage and it should be back up at 10. Luckily the people on the national grid worked really fast and got it back working at 9:01 so it only caused 1 minutes worth of actual disruption which I guess everyone can deal with. Everything has all been sorted out now and it is now all back to how it was but it was a very weird start to this Friday morning.
However, it makes you think what would we have done if the power was out until 10 like it was meant to. Personally I would have picked a book to start reading, which are all located in the wonderful Reclaimed Indian Small Bookcase.
Anyway that has been todays Wooden Bookcases blog I hope you have all enjoyed reading this, and can you all wish us luck that nothing else goes wrong today and that our power is back to normal and that no more faults are going to happen.