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Our Top 5 Bookcases!

Posted on June 14, 2019

Our top 5 Bookcases

Good morning readers, I hope you’re enjoying your day as its currently Friday – time to party! Although if you’re anything like us, the only thing we like to dive into is a good book. So what better time to talk about our favourite bookcases to hold these magnificent books?

Here at the Wooden Bookcases office, we have been sharing thoughts on how our styles differ from home to home. My personal favourite is the Cube Dark Slim Jim Bookcase from the Dark Bookcases section due to its compact and stylish frame.

However, one of my co-workers prefers the Cube Natural Bookcase because of its modern stylized design – he also likes the traditional feel of the Natural Bookcases. We both agreed that the Cube natural 2 Drawer Bookcase is definitely in the top 5 just because it offers drawers for even more storage!

After lunch yesterday we went round and asked the office what their favourite one was, after all everyone has different styles and different themes to suit them – not one of us is the same! Quite a few were very interested in the Light Bookcases because of their charming aroma, especially the classic Retro Bookshelf. Now we were just stuck for the 5th bookcase. Nobody could come to a decision because each and every one was elegant for their own reasons.

We all collected our thoughts overnight and this morning we were finally able to resolve the issue and come up with a list. Here it is:

  1. Cube Dark Slim Jim Bookcase
  2. Cube Natural Bookcase
  3. Cube Natural 2 Drawer Bookcase
  4. Retro Bookshelf

And finally……

  1. The Light Wooden Dakota Open Bookcase from our Mango Wood selection!

We are very happy with the way this list turned out and think it represents a wide range of the bookcases we offer! We hope you have a good weekend, and maybe you can even let us know about your favourite bookcases.