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Posted on May 14, 2019

Good morning everyone! It’s the 14th of May today, and this is a really special day for me. It’s the day my books come for my library!

Ever since I was little I have loved to read. It could have been anything, books, and magazines – even posters in the doctor’s office! The thrill of finishing a sentence and gaining some knowledge from it really excited me especially as a young child.

When I turned 13 I was allowed my very own library. My parents converted the small spare bedroom into a flourishing and lavish library, with Wooden Bookcases covering the entire wall and comfortable chairs all over the floor. On one side we had a Retro Chic Bookcase, and a Light Retro Chic Bookcase.

As soon as I saw the beautiful and delicate spines piled high upon the bookcases, I rushed to sit down, book in one hand, hot chocolate in the other. Suddenly I was dancing at a party with the swinging 60’s raging on behind me. The trousers were bell bottoms, the fringe was everywhere, and I loved it! A blast from the past!

When that book closed, I was drawn to the other side of the room, where a single Mango 1 Drawer Bookcase stood gloomily yet majestically. Carefully, I tiptoed over to the looming dark bookcase, its perfectly balanced shelves glistening in the sunlight, with a single book on it. As soon as I peeked inside the cover I was transported to a mighty castle, where I was chased by a ferocious dragon through the dark corridors and haunted basements. I didn’t think I would make it out alive, did you?

Reading really does tire you out… From swinging in the 60’s to running away from that beastly dragon, I was exhausted. My imagination needed something peaceful and relaxing. The Cube Natural Solid Bookcase provided just that, and I drank the last of my hot chocolate whilst enjoying that final book in my library.

Can you guess what it was reader? That’s right; it was “How to relax”. That concludes this blog – have a lovely day!