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It’s Halloween!

Posted on October 31, 2018

books and a skull

Good Morning readers, this week has been really strange hasn’t it? The week after daylight savings always confuses me. I absolutely hate the winter one; I don’t see the point in it at all. Setting off to work when it is dark and getting back from work when it is dark is absolutely horrible and in my opinion it has a negative impact on your health. However I’ll stop being miserable as it is Halloween today!

I have never been a big fan of Halloween but sometimes you just get into the spirit of things (did you like my pun). When I was younger I did  go trick or treating but as you get older you grow out of traditions like that. I probably won’t be doing anything tonight I’ll just be watching scary movies and occasionally handing sweets out to trick or treaters to save my mum doing it. Or I might even read a scary book, I have bundles of books in my Retro Chic Bookcase which I can read if I want to scare myself and there is no better time for that than at Halloween.

Reading is great for you especially a great horror. In my opinion reading a horror is much scarier than watching them in the cinema as you have to leave it to your mind to think. So you will imagine your fears rather than over exaggerated fears of the director. As well as that it will help your vocabulary and therefore it will make you more intellectual.

Well that has been todays blog I hope that you have had as much as an enjoyable time reading this as I have had writing this and come back tomorrow for another daily blog here at Wooden Bookcases.  And don’t forget have a very happy Halloween!