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Don’t stop me reading! Cause I’m having such a good time.

Posted on April 16, 2018

Person reading a book with a face full of amazement.

Good morning fellow readers, I am hoping that everyone is doing well this fine Monday morning? I say ‘fine’ because have you seen the sun we are having? British weather… You just can’t seem to make it up can you.

Over the weekend, I was helping my sister with her homework which consisted of reading a book and then answering the questions on a sheet later. This got me thinking, books, why don’t people people pay much attention to them anymore? I mean, reading is an essential piece of kit for anyone, as it’s how we learning to spell and punctuate properly.

After a long amount of time researching and looking at charts online, a conclusion was made as to why paper books are no longer in use as much as they were used to. Technology. The fibre of every human beings addiction.

With the invention of the ‘Kindle’ becoming a ‘necessity’ children won’t ever touch a gorgeous Wooden Mango Bookcase, pulling out a Harry Potter book (My choice of a good read, highly recommend) and have that smell of a book hit your nose. Is there anything better?

Personally, I’m a heavy reader, books always seem to draw me in as i find it a way to escape the real world and take my mind away into the clouds. Every night before going to bed, you will usually find me at my Wooden Bookcase, contemplating on what book to read; as that’s how I always finish my day off.

Children are hardly learning anything from the Kindles, with them reading the books out to you personally. Facts have proven that people are most likely to learn more from performing the act first hand; rather than having it spoken to you.

Well, as this topic comes to an end so does this blog. Remember reading is important, you don’t even have to read a book it could be something as simple as a newspaper and on that note I will see you all tomorrow for the next daily blog.