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A Huge Debate!

Posted on March 1, 2019

Books vs Movies

Hello and welcome to another amazing Bookcases blog. Today I am going to try and tackle one of the biggest questions of the recent decades. This question is; what is more enjoyable watching the movie or reading the book? In my opinion I believe that the book has to be the best choice, this is because it leaves you to play with your imagination and you can then let that take control. If the book has been wrote correctly with free flowing emotive sentences then it is basically a movie inside of your head> This will make it more emotive and personal as it is playing with your own fears or your own happy thoughts compared to a director in Hollywood who is trying to please millions and get a lot of money through box office sales. However don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love movies and I could happily binge watch movies for hours and hours on end. However if there is a book alternative I will enjoy doing them both and then comparing the similarities and differences between them.

The best thing about getting a good book is the look about them. Once you have finished with them you need somewhere to put these books in case you want to come back to these in the future. May I recommend the Cube Natural Centered Square Bookcase. This wonderful piece has 5 different areas all great for holding different sizes of books or even ornaments. The possibilities are endless.

Anyway that has been today’s Bookcases blog, I hope that you have a good time reading this and hopefully it has motivated you to pick up a great book and read it. I hope that your Friday goes fast and that you are ready for the weekend have a great day, Goodbye!